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    Welcome to my online Resume (currently being built).  My name is Will and I love to work with data and create stories visually to communicate to a broad audience (from operational end users to executive leadership).  

    The focus of my work is in Human Resources within the Healthcare industry.  My HR background is varied, moving from recruiting clinical hospital staff to strategic management of recruitment for multiple hospitals and then ultimately into HR Information Systems and Analytics at the corporate office.  

    With my broad HR experience, I understand the real operations of human capital within organizations and how to use HR data to understand what is happening within an organization.  Then taking the data to make strategic decisions regarding the workforce and systems that support the workforce.

    On this site you will find my education & certifications, work experience, work samples and other related information.

    Feel free to contact me using the email form on the right.  I am always willing to discuss with others in the industry about their struggles, solutions, best practices and brain storm challenges we face in todays environment.


    Other sites on the internet regarding me and my interests are:

    thestanding.com - My personal blog & site.

    LinkedIn - My LinkedIn profile page.